Thank you for your interest in fostering our wonderful retired greyhounds.  In order to ensure compatibility with your foster greyhounds please complete the form below, or download the Foster Application Form as a PDF and send it to

Please note that we currently do not require foster carers with cats as our cat trainable hounds are breaking land speed records racing into their forever homes!

Date of Birth
E.g., 30 Nov 2020
What height is the lowest part of your fencing?
Please list all pets currently in your home, include all animals and birds that your foster greyhounds may come into contact with. Please indicate age and sex of dogs and whether they are neutered.
How do you feel about training a greyhound to be well behaved around the cat?
(For example house training a dog, training basic obedience, attending training classes, volunteer or work experience, prior breeds owned, experience modifying behaviour such as fear or separation anxiety.)
If you work please outline your daily routine and on a typical day how much time your foster dog might spend alone. Note that working full time does not prevent you from being a foster carer, but we consider the time you have available to integrate the dog into the household.