Racing Name: 
2 years
Levin (near Wellington)
Suitable with Cats: 



4/3/18 UPDATE

Rosie has settled right into home life with us.  She is a fun happy dog to have around but will need to be a second dog or with a family that do not work.  Rosie is fully crate trainied and will happily sleep in her crate all night.  She is working on transitioning out of the crate but is still not 100% toilet trained. She also like to steal everything so if we have lost a shoe we know who to ask. Rosie dosen't chew things up just likes to carry them out into the garden.  Rosie has been out and about in the Hutt and walks well on the lead.  She can still get a little overwhelmed if other dogs are running around but is learning to focus on her handler.  Just today Rosie has learnt to sit which just proves what a smart cookie she is.  We would really see Rosie go to a home that will continue her training she will excel at Rallyo or simalar. 

UPDATE - Rosie is now in foster care.

First Night - Well Rosie was a little excited be be taken on a long drive and into foster care. She is living with another older greyhound and a Foxy/JR.  We are happy to report that she is eating well (she likes her grub) and was nice and settled in her crate the first night.  She thinks the rycling is a toy box so that has been moved for now!!!  We will keep you all up-to-date on her new adventures.


Rosie is a very special sort of girl.  She is incredibly smart and learns very fast.  We have been working on her heel work, recall, sit, down and ball fetching skills.  

Rosie loves to learn but being a very young dog she gets mentally tired quite fast so you must keep all training sessions small and fun.

Rosie will need a home with shorter working hours, a dog walker or small day care could be looked at for the perfect applicants. 

Rosie loves children but can get a little excited with toddlers so kids over 6 years old may suit her better.  Of course if you are willing to put in the time she will soon lean not to knock over little people. 

Danielle the Re-Homing Manager from the Levin Kennels could quite happily take Rosie home and if thats not a recommendation we don’t know what is!!!!