Greyhound volunteer

If you love greyhounds then you’re probably keen to help them find a comfortable home, which is great news because we love to get our supporters involved. And there are so many ways you can help!

Here are just a few exciting ways of helping:

Home checker

We need people all over the country to visit prospective owners, check fencing and ensure they’re well prepared for a greyhound. It’s a job for sociable people who can be stern if required!

Event supporter

Many of our owners come to events to tell the uninitiated how wonderful greyhounds are. A great opportunity for enthusing about your hound when your friends have heard enough! Dogs need to be confident as well as their owners.

Tin rattler

Collects donations outside supermarkets and other venues. Good tin rattlers are highly prized on our Street Appeal day. With a positive outlook and permanent smile great results can be achieved!


Writes articles for our six-monthly newsletter Fast Friends. Everyone loves the mag but we need creative people with interesting ideas and the writing skills to match to ensure its ongoing success.

Greyhound driver

We’re a bit spread out in NZ so we need people to help with the logistics of putting new owners and hounds together. If you’ve got room in the back for a hound and travel a lot then please keep an eye on our website for our Hitchhiking notices.

Area Co-ordinator

This is a big one! Our ACs are our local representatives – they organise walks, events and fundraisers and generally make sure we don’t miss any opportunity to promote the hounds.

Foster carer

Help teach the hounds about pet life. This one is even bigger and has its own page right here!